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Reddit and History porn (not what you think)

Okay, let’s get the subject of “porn” out of the way. We are NOT talking naked ladies and such. The sub-reddit of discussion here is about history, pure and simple, and there are some pretty great pictures appearing there. Many I have seen and many I have not.

So here’s how it works:

1) The link here contains the address to the sub-reddit. Users there up vote/down content they like, both pictures and comments. Check this.

2) Reddit users will post images to another site, sometimes flicker or imgur and make comments in the sub-reddit, with the picture linked at the top.

3) What I like about this specific discussion is that it contains info about color photography in WWII, a subject I knew little about.

There are _many_ more.  Give it a whirl if you have a minute but don’t blame me if you happen to discover the reddit front page, memes, or r/aww.  You have been warned.

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