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Monthly Archives: November 2008

A new look…

So for the life of this blog, the look has been the pretty much the same. I decided to make a change. We still have three columns, but a cleaner, more journalistic “feel.” Any comments? Please let me know.

WW2 and the poster

Near the end of a term in EN101, I spend part of a class talking about WW2 and the role mass communication. Most people think I’m going to talk radio, but no. FDR had the fireside chat, to be sure. But many are surprised to learn that posters were key means of getting the word […]

A Veteran Passes: William Lee

About seven years ago, I met Bill Lee.  Bill recently died after complications from a stroke.  He was a Navy veteran of both World War II and Korea. About a year ago, Bill fabricated a hitch for my VW bus out scraps laying around his welding shop.  I watched the whole episode in awe as […]

More on Tom Cruise and Valkyrie

Just came across the poster for TC’s Valkyrie online this evening.  This movie holds some interest for me as I recently saw a Discovery channel (in the US) on the bombing.  Basically the producers of the show recreated the bombings a few different ways in an effort to understand how the placement of the briefcase […]